The growing of rice began in Chalastra in the 1950s. The existence of the four rivers (Gallikos, Axios, Loudias and Aliakmonas) in the wider region played an important role in the development of the growing and, at the same time, they transformed the plain of Thessaloniki into the largest rice paddy in Greece.

Carolina medium grain rice

Medium-grain rice with large white grains and intense milky colour in its center. The basic property of this rice is its great ability to absorb the fats while releasing its starch, making it suitable for oven food as well as risotto.

PACKAGING: 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10kg, 25kg

Parboiled long grain rice

Long-grain rice, which gets its golden colour from the ingredients of its outer husk during the hydrothermal treatment, which is then removed. It is ideally suited for pilaf because it remains granulous.

PACKAGING: 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10kg, 25kg

Long grain white rice

Long-grained rice with a crystallized – white colour. It is especially suitable for moderately glutinous pilaf.

PACKAGING: 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10kg, 25kg

Medium grain white rice

Medium-grain rice with a crystallized – white colour. The grains of this rice tend to cling to each other during cooking and therefore it is suitable for soups and pastries such as rice pudding.

PACKAGING: 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10kg, 25kg

Brown rice

Brown rice, either long-grain or medium-grain, results from the removal of the husk but retains the layer of the pericarp, which gives it a characteristic brown colour and a rough texture. Brown rice is considered to be in the category of whole grain products, it is rich in fiber and is recommended in the context of a healthy and balanced diet. It requires a longer cooking time than the other types of rice.

PACKAGING: 500g, 10Kg

Basmati rice

White and long-grain rice. It is cultivated in India and Pakistan. Particularly aromatic, a characteristic of the areas it is cultivated in. Recommended for ethnic cuisine dishes.

PACKAGING: 500g, 10Kg